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Welcome to All Toronto Escorts – your ultimate guide for adult entertainment!  Feel free to browse through an incredible gallery of finest Toronto Escorts. is the largest directory of adult entertainers of many kinds, so you are sure to find what you are looking for.  Find all Toronto Escorts in one place!

It is the busiest directory of Escorts in Toronto and GTA, and is updated daily with new girls Profiles of Independent and Agency Escorts.

All Independent Escorts and Escort Agencies are entitled to FREE listings.  All agencies can upload ALL of your Escorts completely free of charge.

The directory is easy to navigate and offers many options for both clients and entertainers. If you are a potential client, looking for an escort in Toronto, you have many options to search and browse ladies profiles. Since we have so many Toronto Escorts in our database, you have an option to refine your search by ethnicity, hair colour, services, etc., using the SEARCH tool from the main menu. For example, if you are looking for a blond Toronto escorts, then simply click on the “Search” button and select “Blond” in the “Hair colour” option.
You can also browse Escort Profiles in any city of your choice, such as Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, etc. By clicking on the city Toronto, for example, you will be able to see all escorts located in the city of Toronto; by clicking on Mississauga, you will see all Mississauga Escorts, etc.

Independent Toronto Escorts

If you are looking for a sexy Independent Toronto Escorts, you have come to the right place. We feature hundreds of Independent Escorts in Toronto and GTA, that can either come and visit you, or you can visit them. Feel free to browse Independent Toronto Escort Gallery.

Escort Agencies

The Agencies Page offers a comprehensive list of All Toronto and GTA based escort agencies.  Agency’s Ad offers a direct link to an agency’s website, as well as the gallery of Escorts currently available from this agency.

Toronto Escorts Directory

Largest Toronto Escorts Directory, offering hundreds of FREE Ads of Independent Escorts and Escort Agencies. If you are looking for a beautiful and sexy girl to spend time with, you came to the right place.   Feel free to browse Escort Profiles and select your dream girl right now! Ads are updated daily and we are working hard to ensure that information provided is genuine and photos are recent and real. We have a strict “no fake” policy and are trying to ensure that all posted photos are genuine and up to date.

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Toronto Escorts Ads

Find hundreds of sexiest Toronto Escorts Ads in the largest Toronto Adult Classified and Post your Free Escort Ads now. is the only Escort Directory that features female, male and trans/gay escorts.  The Directory is fully responsive and provides the luxury of browsing through Toronto Escorts Ads using any mobile devices.  You can also post and edit Ads using any smartphone or a tablet.

For those looking for some adult entertainment for tonight, have a unique “Available Now” option that allows clients to select escorts that are available right now or on a very short notice.  Available Now Toronto Escorts Ads features entertainers that are ready to meet you and join you for the night of fun and excitement.  To make your Ad a Premium Toronto Escorts Ad with “Available Now” option, please contact us for more information.

Our directory is updated daily.  New Toronto Escorts Ads get added and edited constantly to keep the information current and up to date.  “Available Now” escort Ads are monitored and updated on an hourly basis to make the browsing and search easy for all potential clients.

Toronto Escorts Ads by the agencies are also updated daily.  New Profile Ads get added as new Escorts become available.

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Sexy Toronto Escorts is pleased to present to you beautiful and sexy Toronto escorts. Here you can find a huge variety of sexy ladies competing to grab your interests and ignite your desires.  Whatever your fantasy is, you are sure to find whatever you are looking for here, at Blondes and brunettes, curvy and slim, short hair or long hair … all are here to entertain you and ensure fun and exciting time.

Browse through hundreds of profiles and you will be amazed how many gorgeous and sexy Toronto escorts are presented here. Each girl is unique and talented in her own way, so take your time and read ladies ads and see what they have to offer.  There are different services provided by different girls, some of which you might find more intriguing. Each Ad has a contact information details with lady’s telephone number and website address.

All Sexy Toronto Escorts are here and are waiting for your call.  Please keep in mind that is a Toronto Escorts Directory, presenting to you Independent sexy Toronto Escorts and various Toronto Escort Agencies.  We are an advertising directory, and are not responsible for the accuracy or validity of the advertisements displayed here.  We do not endorse any information or any advertisement posted by users of this website. Also, we do not endorse, encourage, recommend or arrange communications or meetings among users of this website.  All information displayed in the profile Ads should be used at your own discretion.  To avoid any misunderstandings, please read Ad information carefully.

Many ladies, who advertise here, have other commitments such as college, university, other jobs or family.  Please be discreet and respectful of girl’s time.  Initiate contact only if you are serious, no one likes to waste time.   Browse Sexy Toronto Escorts Ads and have a wonderful time!

Independent Toronto Escorts

Toronto Fetish Escorts

Have you ever fantasized or craved about a particular thing, and wandered if that was normal? Actually its pretty common for an individual to have or think about that “specific something” to attain full sexual gratification. That’s known as Fetish. Technically, sexual fetish is an intense focus on an object or body part, that’s essential for person’s arousal. For example, if you are attracted to blondes, that’s very common and not at all unusual. However, if you are unable to get aroused unless you are with the blonde, then you likely have a fetish for blondes.

Most of the times fetish is pretty harmless, and can actually be very exciting and pleasing. Many Toronto Fetish Escorts display and describe their “things” in profile Ads.

Here are top 3 most common Fetishes:

  1. Feet

For many people feet are the biggest turn-on imaginable. It is most highly fetishized body part. If feet are “your thing” let one of the Toronto fetish escorts satisfy you by giving you her gorgeous, elegant and sexy feet to enjoy.

  1. Shoes

Shoe fetish … we all heard about that. Shoe fetishes are one of the most commonly encountered in the inanimate-object realm. We are talking mostly about men, about high heels, and about women who wear them during sex. Majority of shoe fetishists are men, to whom the appearance of the shoe is what matters – the length of the heel, the pointiness of the toe and the heel, the shaft length of the boot, etc. Most popular are knee high or over the knee high stiletto boots made of red or black leather. Strappy sandals are also very popular among shoe fetishists. Many Toronto Fetish Escorts have huge variety of sexy shoes to satisfy even the pickiest shoe fetishists.

  1. Leather

There are entire clubs and social groups dedicated to this type of fetish. Black leather has become almost inextricably associated with sex, at least when a woman wears it. Often associated with BDSM, leather crosses many boundaries and genders. Leather pants, boots, corsets, full-body costumes, masks – you name it, there is a leather fetishist, who can’t get enough of it. Whatever your “thing” is, you are sure to find Toronto Fetish Escort to have fun with.

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Independent Escorts in Toronto. features both independent escorts and escorts working for different agencies. You may ask, what is the difference between these two categories. In this post we will try to highlight all the advantages and some disadvantages of being independent escort vs working for an escort agency.

Advantages of working as an Independent Escort:

Independent escorts have a luxury to choose who they want or don’t want to see and when. If the potential client does not sound serious or honest, doesn’t appear clean or just being rude, the independent escort may choose not to book a date or even cancel an appointment at her own discretion.

Independent escorts can set their own terms regarding the appointment, time or the place.

When booking an appointment or communicating, independent escort can speak directly to the client making the whole experience more personal to the client.

Ladies can charge what they want and keep all the earnings.

They also can negotiate discounts and decrease or increase their rate, depending on the circumstances and the type of a date.

With independent escorts, clients can contact and speak with the girl directly. This may help to determine if there is a good match or not, eliminating the awkwardness and misfit for both parties.

Disadvantages of being an Independent Escort.

Independent escorts have lots of responsibilities to keep their job. They need good discipline, and dedicate some of their time and money for marketing and advertising. As an independent escort you are responsible for your own advertising and updating your profile to keep it active and current.

With a huge competition among Independent Escorts, you have to be creative and make yourself stand out from the crowd. You are also responsible for making your profile attractive and appealing to the clients. High quality photos and well-written description is a must.

Independent escort ladies are also responsible for transportation fees and their own security.

Advantages of working for an Escort Agency.

The best thing is that agency Escorts don’t have to worry about advertising, marketing and promoting themselves. All of that is done for them by the agency. Agencies advertise their girls, and work to maintain their profiles and update their photos. That might work best for those ladies who only want to escort part time or on the side of their main job. All of the booking and organizing is done by the agency. The lady also doesn’t need to worry about transportation and security. It’s all provided by the agency. Girls sometimes have more free time when working for an agency.

Because all the booking is arranged by the agencies, Ladies have no contact with the clients prior to meeting. Some girls prefer this.

Some agencies accept Credit Card payments, which is done prior to meeting. This eliminates the need for a girl to ask for payment or to accept cash, which provides peace of mind for both parties.

Disadvantages of being an agency escort.

Huge competition within the agency. Now you are not only competing with all escorts on the Internet, you are also competing with girls working for the same agency. Ladies who gets good reviews or whom owners favor the most, may get more job and preferential booking.

Agency escorts have to share their earning with the agency. The percentage of that share depends on the agency and the services they provide for the girls (like quality of advertising, transportation, security, etc.)

Some agencies may pressure Ladies to work long hours or provide certain services. Pressuring or penalizing workers is never a good way to run business. An escort should never be pressured to do anything she/he is not comfortable doing. The Lady should always be free to leave the agency at her own discretion.

Independent Escorts in Toronto

Free Escort Ads – 100% Free Escort Advertising in Toronto

Are you on the lookout for Free Escort Ads?  You come to the right place. provides 100% Free Escorts Advertising for both independent Toronto Escorts and Toronto Escort Agencies.  Some escort directories charge from $50 to over $500 a month for one Ad.  That’s crazy and most of the times not even worth it! is free adult classified, whose main purpose is gather and present All Toronto Escorts in one place.  By allowing Free Escort Ads, our goal is to make the largest Internet adult directory, thus helping entertainers and clients to find each other quickly and hassle free. Everybody finds what they are looking for on

The directory offers a free platform where anyone in the adult world can post his or her Free Escort Ads to ensure extraordinary visibility. is the best choice for adult classifieds!

Benefits of posting your Free Escort Ad on

  • 100% Free Escort Ads

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If you are an escort in Toronto, don’t pass this amazing opportunity and post your Free Escort Ad right now!

Large, worldwide Escort Directories are too confusing for clients to find an escort in their area. By gathering all Toronto Escorts at one place, we are providing a unique opportunity for a client to find an escort in his area quickly and easily. Why is this important? Many things we do in life have to do with decisions made on impulse, like an impulse purchase. You see something you like, and you act on it, weather its buying a purse or making an appointment. However if you see something you like and it is not available to you (lady of your choice is in different city or even county), you would probably stop the search and leave the site. Here, we have All Toronto Escorts within drivable distance. Therefore, if a client finds the lady of his dreams, she still will be within a drivable distance from him, whichever area she is in. Our clients love this and keep coming back as registered users. Currently we have a huge pool of clients, registered as users, who browse our site daily, and constantly add Ladies to their “Favorites”.

Do you want better exposure? Do you want more Clients? Post your Free Escort Ad right now! Yes, It’s completely FREE!

Toronto Escort Advertisers

Toronto BBW Escorts – Big Beautiful Women in Toronto

Toronto is filled with gorgeous and sexy women. Just browse through the profiles, and you will be amazed how many gorgeous ladies are waiting to entertain you tonight.  Take time reading their Ads, and just imagine what you can be experiencing with the girl of your dreams.

Toronto Escorts offer a variety of services, and you are sure to find here what you are looking for.   One of the very popular specialties is BBW, that is Toronto BBW Escorts.

BBW – a leading term used by many to describe Big Beautiful Woman. Carol Shaw, who launched BBW Magazine, a fashion and lifestyle magazine for plus-size women, created the terms “BBW” and “Big Beautiful Women” in 1979.

It is an empowering alternative and a politically correct way to describe large size or plus size women, who feel beautiful and sexy. These are the women, who realized that they don’t have to live up to certain “standards” that society has set in order to feel pretty. These are the women of greatest self-esteem and courage, which is very admirable and sexy.  Common features of BBW are a cute face, big luscious breasts, and a big booty. If you love big booty than look for BBW and you will never be disappointed.  Big boobs and big booty are always fun.  Browse profiles and see for yourself how much fun Toronto BBW Escorts can be.

A true woman’s body is supposed to have some curves.  The Big Beautiful Woman usually has many curves, curvy hips and deliciously sexy booty.  When you are thinking of BBW just remember the song “Baby Got Back”.

The BBW term in actually very vague. Many women themselves often wonder, am I a BBW?  It might be difficult to answer this question, because like beauty, it is in the eye of the beholder.  If different people were to look at the woman, the replies might be very different whether or not she is BBW.

There is no standard measure regarding where the scale of being BBW begins. It is actually a good thing, because we are not advocating putting labels on any group of women.  All women are beautiful, big or small.  A BBW can be of any size or shape, but not one shape or size is better than another.  All Toronto BBW Escorts are unique, gorgeous and sexy in their own way.

You can search through hundreds of listings, each with detailed personal profile, BBW photo and e-mail contact, allowing you to find the Toronto BBW Escort of your dreams.  Your Toronto BBW Escort is just a few keystrokes away.

We have many listings, and big portions of them are Ads from Toronto BBW Escorts.  There are also many reviews and testimonials of satisfied and happy men, who have seen BBW Toronto Escorts.   Here is what one man wrote in his review: “if you have never been with BBW, you have no idea what you are missing. It might not sound right, but I can never look at big girls the same way after my experience with BBW.   Every time I look at big girl, the thought that comes to mind is “She must really be good in bed”.

Browse and search your Toronto BBW Escort tonight.

Many of Toronto BBW Escorts are expecting your call tonight and are ready for erotic fun and games.

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